Events & Meetings


Meetings held at 740 Driving Park Avenue


Date Notes
January 17 Joint Meeting
February 21
March 21
April 18 Joint Meeting
May 16
June 20
July 18 Joint Meeting
August 15
September 19
October 17 Joint Meeting
November 21
December Holiday Party with Eboard, Stewards, Captains, Committee Members.
  • All meetings are held on 3rd Tuesday of the month.
  • Stewards meet at 12:00PM and Eboard meets at 4:30PM.
  • Joint meeting months all meet at 3:00PM (team captains should be included).
  • Membership meetings will follow at 5:30PM every quarter after joint meetings are over.
  • Time off request should be coded 1403 (union release time) for Steward Council meetings. Once approved please email time off request to Michelle Alaimo.

    These meetings are part of your duties as Steward and Eboard member and attendance is required. If you are unable to attend you must contact Peg Capuano.